JON Tools (Java Object Notation) are a group of library to use JSON with java. It covers from the basic function of json stream parsing till to complex use of json.

Below a list of subproject that will developed.

1. SAJ

SAJ means Simple API for JSON. It's a simple library that would parsing json stream how SAX parser does with XML. It's parse a json stream and throws events that a callback class can receive.

Project link : SAJ


JSON-VL (JSON-ValidationLanguage) is a validation system used to validate a json stream. It can be extend to code generation and other functionality using the annotation attribute.

See the specification in:



3. DOMJson

DOMJson is a DOM parser for json stream. It uses SAJ to parse json stream and makes a document model that represents the json.

Project link : DOMJson

4. JsonRPC

Json rpc is a system to execute remote procedure using json. It uses the SMD to describe services.

Project link : JsonRPC

4. FactoryFinder

This library is a simple utility used by SAJ and DOMJson to manage the retrieve of factories.

Project link : FactoryFinder

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